Welcome to my obsessive appreciation page for the BBC horror/drama Jekyll. This is where you'll find my many artworks involving the huggably tame Tom Jackman (Jekyll) and his dark side, the fabulously dangerous Mr. Sexy-Pants, otherwise known as Hyde. Feel free to adopt, share and edit any and all of the creations here. No credit needed but always appreciated. More importantly, please spread the love of Jekyll. I would be most happy to serve up more goodies to fellow Hyde-aphiles.

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A Very Happy Hyde Holiday to all and to all N'er a Good Night!

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Every classic horror tale needs a proper classic movie poster, right?
Had to be done.

In 600px height and 850px height.

Do You Dream, Daddy? (rating varies from PG-13 to NC-17) Work-in-progress:
You think that's the end, one lil' season? Not in my twisted imagination. There are unanswered questions, unrealized violence, unfulfilled smutty scenes, and I simply want more. This post-series one story is my continuing take on what happened next.
Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7.

Sometimes I Punish Him (rating NC-17) Ever wonder why Tom decided to secure Hyde to the chair? I did. Warning: This fic contains nonconsensual sex though I don't think the accusation would hold up in court.



& 800 px version.

& 900 px & 800 px versions




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Tom Jackman and Mr. Sexy Pants

Selected screencaps provided by the gracious redkoros and prone-tastic  

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