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You have discovered my archive of fandom works based on the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jekyll, and Doctor Who. I began as a silent follower of others, absorbing all the fanfiction and fanart from Buffy until I built up the courage to interact and share my own creations. I am a self-taught photo manipulator who dabbled in writing fanfiction. My taste leans toward mature content so please keep that in mind while exploring. Also, I do not write anymore so be aware that some of these fics are unfinished and will remain that way. If you find inspiration with reading one of these unfinished fics, feel free to adopt and complete it on your own.

Photo Manipulations


Fanart based on characters from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These are my earliest works.


Fanart based on characters from the BBC series Jekyll.

Doctor Who

Fanart based on characters from the BBC series Doctor Who. These are my most recent works.


Ratings for these stories will be based on the following:

T: Contains content not suitable for children. Suitable for teens, 13 years and older. May contain moderate violence, coarse language, suggestive material, and/or adult themes such as drug addiction that are contextually justified. Equivalent to PG-13.

M: Contains content suitable for mature teens and older only. Not suitable for children below 16 years. May contain non-explicit adult themes, references to (sexual) violence, frequent or strong coarse language or drug use. Equivalent to R.

MA: Contains explicit content suitable for mature adults only. May contain explicit sexual language and adult themes. Content rated MA is strictly forbidden on FanFiction. Equivalent to NC-17.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I use the following to classify pairings in my fanfiction:

Faith-F, Buffy-B, Giles-G, Ethan-E, Dawn-D, Wesley-W. So pairing Buffy and Giles would be represented by B/G.


Ficlets ~ The shorter ones.

ABH (F/G, M) A Watcher and a Slayer part ways.

As They Danced (B/G M) Written for an angstathon, this is a re-telling of the events of the prom. Tissue warning.

Burying Yesterday (B/G, T) New Years causes reflections of a Slayer’s relationship to her Watcher.

But Soft! (D/E, T Valentine’s Day and Dawn is bored to death of working in the new Council Library. Lucky for her Ethan gives a surprise visit and has a shocking proposition. 

Death By… (T) A campy, satirical take on a pitiful death. Not great.

Don’t Touch That Dial (B/G, M) Embarrassing moments are made of these.

Do Unto Others (B/G, T) Snugglies and cuteness. What got into me?

Fade (B/G, T) A moody little piece. Rupert Giles gets a visitor.

Forgive (Horror, MA) This year’s Halloween promises to be Giles last, courtesy of a demented Ethan Rayne.

IMpossible (E/B, M) Two strangers chat over the internet.

Insurgence (G/B, G/E, MA) A ‘what if’ of post season four where Adam won and the cheesman never cometh.

Not So Alone (M) A graphic inspired drabble/ficlet of Giles last moments.

Old As Dirt and Just as Filthy (D/E, MA) Dawn reflects on her first time. A retelling of the unknown events of the episode ‘Empty Places’ in season seven.

Reaching Out (T) Giles receives a phone call from an old friend. Buffy can’t help but watch.

Splinters (T) Buffy’s 18th birthday. A relationship forever changed.

So-Called Chaos (B/E, MA) Buffy needs a break from the realities of life. Relief comes in the form of a certain Chaos sorcerer.’

Thanks (No Pairing, T) Dawn and Giles share a moment during season seven.

Vinyl (No Pairing, T) Someone sees Giles through his music.

Voices in Blue (B/G, M) Christmas Eve and Buffy and Giles are patrolling… amongst other things.

A Wicked Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste (B/G, X/G, W/G, MA) The Scooby gang is finding it hard to concentrate. I wonder why? My first attempt at slash.


Novelettes ~ Multi-part short fic and the lengthy series (some of which are quite long).

Careful What You Ask For (B/G, MA) A Halloweeny fic.

Change of Pace (B/G, MA) This one still gives me grief, continually generating emails to finally do the sequel. I do like it quite a lot. A humorous answer to a challenge with B/G smoochiness.

Conversations (B/G, MA) My attempt at making Giles evil… as in Hannibal Lecter evil. Even then you can see my interest in Ethan.

Duty of Dust ~ The Crow (No pairing, MA) A very dark and disturbing tale of vengeance and friendship. Unfinished.

Evil Deadening (Giles/Ash, slash, MA) A BtVS/Evil Dead crossover. What’s a Watcher to do when an upstart demon slayer catches his eye? Unfinished.

Faith Healing (Faith/Ethan, MA Faith sets out to find a new life in the deep south only to find more than she bargained for when she discovers a sorcerer posing as a faith healer. Unfinished.

Games in the Dark (B/G, M) What to do when the power goes out.

and it’s horrid sequel…

Cold Front (B/G, MA) Why I don’t particularly care for sequels.

The Gift Revisited (B/G, MA) Alternate B/G telling of Joss’ wonderful season five ender, ‘The Gift’.

Greater Good (B/G, MA) A rewrite of Buffy season seven. What would have happened had Spike decided to take revenge on Giles’ betrayal? A angst-fest tale of violence, regret, changing relationships and forgiveness. This is my epic, responsible for giving me my reputation for ansgt. It’s also had the most acclaim though I feel it’s a prime example of my evolving writing style.

It’s sequel…

ImMortal (B/G, MA) The ongoing tale of vampire Rupert Giles and Slayer Buffy Summer’s struggle to adjust to a new life away from the Hellmouth and in the wild world of LA’s Wolfram and Hart. An rewrite of Angel season 5. Unfinished.

The Interludes: Dawn & Ethan (D/E, Mostly FRAO, 2005) Pure smut for smuts sake. This is a ongoing series of one-shots of my guilty pleasure coupling. If you get squicked easily, avoid this series like the plague. Unfinished.

Letting Go (B/G, T) My attempt to make the audience sob uncontrollably. Though it isn’t an actual shipping fic, it does show the deep relationship between Buffy and Giles.

Naked Quartet (B/G. T) An accidental walk in on a sleeping, naked Giles uncovers more than just skin for the Slayer.

Playing Dead (G/E, MA) When a certain Watcher turned vampire enlists the aid of an old friend, they both get more than they bargained for. A dark, quirky and violent tale of transformation.

Prisoners (Buffy/Giles, MA) When Buffy starts to crack under the pressure of imprisonment, Giles takes drastic measures to win her freedom.

Regarding Rupert (G/B, M) One man’s battle to return to the man he was while accepting the man he’s become.

Timing is Everything (B/G, M) My first ever fic and man does it show. Angst galore! 

Triangle (B/E, eventually G/B/E, MA) Buffy and Giles relationship is left rocky post break up so Giles sends Buffy on a mandatory cruise to play chaperone to the Councils newest employee, Ethan Rayne. Much snark and smut ensues. Unfinished.

Tipping the Scales (B/G, MA) Another favorite for awkward situations and humor.

Warning Signs (B/G, MA) Not very inspired answer to a challenge. Riley-bashing and badly written Spike abounds.

Watcher’s Keeper (B/G, MA) When Rupert Giles new occupation has made him a target in the world of demon politics, a familiar associate becomes his bodyguard and makes them both face their past, present and future.

The Watcher That Never Was (B/G, MA) One of my early favorites, though I don’t have a clue why. What if Giles never became a Watcher? And see my budding Ethan love.

Where to Begin and End? (B/G, M) Artsy piece and alternate take on seasons 3 through early six.


The bad ones. Honestly… read only if you wanna waste your time!

Bitter End (B/G, M) My pitiful attempt to write severe angst and torment the audience. I’ve gotten much better at it since then.

Special (B/G, M) I just can’t explain why I don’t care for this one. Overwritten Giles, perhaps.


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